unable & invalid

If I am disabled

I once would have been considered to be an invalid.

To many this would have made me invalid.

I am currently unemployed, – I do not work;

I am not working

Does this mean I am broken?

Or maybe busted, but, hopefully not beyond repair

Being unemployed and reliant on a government Pension

Support can be elusive, a fragile fight of life, that often leaves me broke.

And, yes my balance is often busted.

Failing the fortnightly financial balancing act –

— well it keeps me unable….



About charliemcgoo

Charlie Mcgoo is who I want to be to you. This blog is for fun, but, not all posts will be funny. I'm currently living in the very Liverable city of melborne. It's a great city with lots of character and unique style. I love Melburne for its vibrant city culture. It is very different from the city of my birth in Peth. I have a passionate interest in politics and journalism. So, I thought I'd try giving some commentry and share my thoughts. I also have an interest in creative writing and fre expression and I want to practice those skills and share them with you too. please feel free to relay any feedback Thanks - best regards
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