life, love & looniness

Work Love and loneliness


Where this story goes nobody knows. 

It’s all about the jurney.

And, a matter of perspective.


There seems to be several main themes in the search for the meaning of life.  A meaning that attempts to find satisfaction and purpose in this mixed-up crazy world 

As is widely stated; this society revolves around money and money is the root of all evil.  So, there lies the first dilemma, how to deal with this dangerous dichotomy.


The more spiritual and less cynical perspective would suggest that love is the key.  I’m not just talking about sexual love Eros but something much more:

The great unquestionable, non-judgemental, unconditional love. 

The agapistic love that the holy scholars talk about and pray for.  Love in the grander spiritual ethos is anonymous and universal.  It is independent of the individual and the needs, wants, and desires of individuals.  When we apply the fully allow ourselves to give in to the charity of Agape we can discover fullness of life and all it has to offer. This understanding and practice will go a long way to providing the common unity in an embracing society.


An idyllic world where love is the central focus is not one in which I live. A lot of us strive for that, but there are many distractions that lead us away from the true path.  The major religions all have a creed or dogma that out line the `dos and don’ts in the struggle for spiritual enlightenment.  The Christians have the Ten Commandments. 

And something akin to that `the seven deadly sins’  — :: pride, envy, wrath, gluttony, lust, anger, greed & sloth.            


So, to avoid the wrath of God and be punished for our sins we must tred the thin line of striving for ambitions and seeking pleasure without being greedy  or selfish.


But, is this simply a warning about excess, and extremism?

Or, a matter of perspective?


We are all taught in these days of social enlightenment that balance and moderation are the elements to maintaining personal satisfaction and a wholesome healthy life. 


So, don’t work too hard, don’t drink too much, watch what you eat and love life.

The goal is to find satisfaction in the way we live our lives.

Satisfaction should bring us happiness.

Keep a balanced perspective

Mick and Keith couldn’t find it in the sixties, but I’m sure their close to finding it now.  Well, if the Stones can’t get satisfaction from their lives now …..

They’re doing something they love, a job that takes them around the world and makes them millions of dollars.

I don’t care what anyone says; if money can’t by love, having more than you need would be fun, and fun can bring happiness. 

Well I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.


Enjoyment isn’t that the key to it all?  Enjoyment that gives satisfaction;

 that’s something more than simply having fun.  

Is it an expression of joy?

Might depend upon your personal perspective


Don’t get me wrong I love to have fun. But, more importantly I love to have love and love is fun.  Well, love is many things and when it works well it is a lot of fun. 


I’ve been in love many times and I wrote this poem inspired by a precious angel a few years ago – like to include it in this story now.


Love the Grand Plan


Aint love grand,

it sure is the basis of my master plan.

I love being in love

But, I’m no fool that’s why I want you.

I pray to the Holy Spirit

I give praise for all the things I have,

all the things I’ve had and all the things I will have.

I give special praise and thanks for the woman I love

and that is you.

Your love fills my heart with joy

and that sure makes me feel glad.


I know that there is more to life than love

But love is the key, especially for me

Without it what have we got?


Ah but ait love grand

just the simple pleasure of holding your hand.


But, true love can come at quite a cost.

Just ask Jesus who was nailed to a cross.  

There are challenges in all aspects of life

that’s what makes it great

it cann’t always be fun

but this world isn’t made for one.

I know what I have, and want to keep it at any price.

Frank said it best when he said “I’ve got you under my skin”.

When we hold each other tight I feel like climbing in.

I love the way your body fits into mine

It’s pure magic just divine.

Your skin is so lovely to touch

kisses soft, passionate, wild and fantastic,

our loving  is magnificent,

it drives me crazy and I could never have enough.    

Sure don’t think anything could make me  feel this glad.

That’s why love is grand


You are so precious

I cherish every moment I spend with you.

If you were ever to leave me I don’t know what I would do.

I will do everything in my power

to honour and respect you my beautiful flower.

I don’t have silver, diamonds or gold

but, when I’m with you I know I have something more special

Life and love is grand as long as I have you to hold.

 Being with you and you being with me

that’s the only place I want to be.

It sure makes me feel happy and glad. 

Love is grand  

                                                                                [SC – 17/02/06]


Beautiful people and wonderful things inspire me. I also think that when you find something special and more importantly someone of vital significance you should keep them as close to you as you possibly can.


            my Ode to a Precious Pretty Petal


Leonard Cohen wrote about Suzanne and said:

            “… you want to travel with her

            And you want to travel blind

            And you know that she will trust you

            For you’ve touched her perfect body with your mind.”

I’d like to travel with you

I’d like to travel far and wide.

There’s no such thing as perfect,

it’s just an illusion,

the distance can cause confusion

and yet the subtleties between clarity and delusion can be so unkind.

But, if practice does make perfect,

then I best keep on trying.

Leonard Cohen continued in his song Suzanne;

            “Now Suzanne takes your hand

            And she leads you to the river

            She is wearing rags and feathers

            From Salvation Army counters

            And the sun pours down like honey

            On our lady of the harbour

            And she shows you where to look

            Among the garbage and the flowers

            There are heroes in the seaweed

            There are children in the morning

            They are leaning out for love

            And they will lean that way forever

            While Suzanne holds the mirror

            And you want to travel with her

            And you want to travel blind

            And you know that you can trust her

            For she’s touched your perfect body with her mind.””


The flower that brightens my life.

Who is the flame that blossoms in my heart 


Where to go to?

Who will shine my guiding light?

I am a traveller without a clear destination

But, wherever I am going I don’t want to go alone

Will you be the one to come with me to do what I must do?


Got to go on a journey

I’d Like to take the time to smell the roses

explore the earth, discover all it is worth.

This great big beautiful planet

with its glorious forests, magnificent mountains,

raging rivers and mystical oceans.


There is so much to see

but, where to begin

a wise traveller should not journey alone

So, I ask again; will you come with me?


So many adventures lie waiting to be found.

Must take the risk, it’s going to be worthwhile

can’t guarantee we’d always be safe and sound.

But, if we’re always together with love in our hearts

we will feel strong and free.

With fun as our goal and richness of soul

Trials may trip us on our journey and from this we can not hide

I know with dignity we will move on and always try.

You’re brave and bright, you are my guiding light.

Would you like to share some adventures with me?


[SC – 12/05/06]




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