Blind and vision-impaired workers shattered over Vision Australia warehouse closure | Herald Sun

Blind and vision-impaired workers shattered over Vision Australia warehouse closure | Herald Sun.

Should all service be required to make money?




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Vision Australia, Australia’s largest service provider for people who are blind and vision impaired (& often only service) needs many of its practices reviewed and investigated. 

With large numbers of people with a disability struggling to find suitable employment – What is Vision Australia doing to assist people find and sustain meaningful employment?

Does Vision Australia have an Affirmative Action policy?

What role are they playing in setting an example of positive community involvement and inclusion for people who are blind?

Is there service provision reaching out to all and is it coming from a contemporary `client` / person focused position?

What is Vision Australia doing to assist people in the outer suburbs and regional areas?

Is there too much emphasis on becoming a RTO rather than providing services

that assist people dealing  with the complexities of living with a vision impairment and some of the social and psychological issues that surround this?




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