common passions unite

Common Unity Creates Community

What brings a society together?
What unites us as a nation?

Change is in the air
Does anyone really care?
Will your side win and be able to make a real difference or impact?
Are you passionate and excited about the future?

Will this be a September to remember

Given this is an election year, I’m wondering:
In our society what events or activity strikes a cord in our collective soul?

Well as important as it might be I doubt it is politics. Australia is a sports mad country. Frequently sport of some form is the predominate feature of newspapers and televisions. The obsession and great focus on sport, especially football is strongly evident in Melbourne. The AFL, the pre-eminent elite Aussie Rules football competition, has its historic beginnings in Victoria. It originated from an expansion of the Victorian Football League (VFL) in 1987. There are 10 AFL teams in Victoria all except Geelong are based in the suburbs of Melbourne and still contain their traditional name from the VFL the suburbs of their origin.
The large number of teams with their historic links and “tribal” parochial connections creates an atmosphere difficult to escape footy. Everyone in this town has a view or opinion about footy even if they hate it; often the first question people ask is, “what team do you barrack for”? I usually get a confused reaction when I say that I support The Dockers, we are very few in number here in Melbourne.

On Saturday Australia is holding a Federal (General) Election. Australia is only one of approximately nine nations with compulsory, voting which means that all of us of voting age must by law enrol to vote and register a vote (or at least get your name checked off at the polling booth). Supporters of compulsory voting suggest that being forced to vote encourages everyone to consider the situation and electoral issues and engage with the political system. Opponents of compulsory voting say that it is a contradiction and undemocratic to be required to vote, and it should be a free choice. If the only reason people take an interest in the political system is because they are compelled by law, then their choice lacks passion and true understanding.

Australian Federal elections appear every three years. So, depending on the situation of the ruling party; the first year of the term in Government is a settling in period, the second year governing and political systems are implemented, and the third year is preparing for the next term with bold campaign manoeuvres. This year we have been subjected to endless ongoing political wrangling and campaigning starting before the election was even formally announced. So, now it is finally here and thank god. Because I’m sure that most of us are completely sick and tired of it all.

For me there is only one result I’m truly interested on Saturday 7th September which hopefully will lead to a bigger and better result on the last Saturday in September.

For those of you who don’t know or don’t care the AFL (Australian Football League) commence the Finals this weekend leading to and culminating in the Grand Final {Saturday 28th September}. I’m excited because my team the Fremantle Dockers [based in Western Australia] is in the Finals and plays a qualifying final against the Geelong Cats [based in Victoria]. Fremantle have never played a grand final, the pinnacle prize for the sport, and Geelong have won three grand finals in the past six years. the Cats are a formidable, strong and a very consistent team. The Dockers have struggled since their formation in 1994. Fremantle have made the finals several times and we dedicated fans hope this year they make it to the main stage.

I enjoy most forms of sport, sadly these days only as an observer and mostly via TV. However, there is no better experience than being at the game; win lose or draw – the highs, lows and ecstatic moments. The main great aspect of going to a sporting event, especially AFL, is the common unity and shared experience. Some say football is Aussies true religion and the sport stadium is our temple. The atmosphere of tens of thousands of people cheering, barracking, screaming with delight is unbelievable and a truly moving emotional experience. While there are two teams the one game brings us together and we rejoice or commiserate as a combined community. It’s a fantastic reduction of other barriers and social restraints for a common love of the game of footy.

My two main big loves are footy and music. I see a lot of common parallels between a great concert and a good game of footy. have you ever felt the goosebumps when the band plays your favourite song and the crowd sings along as one. Or, that special moment when the band or singer touches that tender note, the crowd stops in silence to feel the emotion as it is shared from artist to audience. When the vibe is right and the musicians are in sync with their instruments the performance becomes an expression of spirit which creates harmony with the audience. The musicians could play, but, without the audience there would be no-one to experience the emotion or sentiment.

This is true for a game of football, but, with a higher intensity at times and a broader range of emotional experience. However, it is the connections at a footy game that creates the spirit.

Good luck to all sides, and may the best team win on the day.

Enjoy the experience with passion and spirit.


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Charlie Mcgoo is who I want to be to you. This blog is for fun, but, not all posts will be funny. I'm currently living in the very Liverable city of melborne. It's a great city with lots of character and unique style. I love Melburne for its vibrant city culture. It is very different from the city of my birth in Peth. I have a passionate interest in politics and journalism. So, I thought I'd try giving some commentry and share my thoughts. I also have an interest in creative writing and fre expression and I want to practice those skills and share them with you too. please feel free to relay any feedback Thanks - best regards
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