Australia Day Muse

Aussie Song List – top 21.


Australia Day: a great time to reflect on what is great about Australia.

One of my major passions and interest is music and particularly Australian music.

So, 7 days prior to the big celebration I decided to create a Aussie top 21

(3 songs a day).

This list is not necessarily a countdown and is not a list of the best Australian songs.

It is my creative view of some songs by some fabulous Australian talent, and songs with fantastic imagery with varying views of this complex & colourful country, the land, and its people.


These songs on this list I’ve chosen for their “authentic” Australianness and my enjoyment of them. Some are simply great songs and others highlight Aussie quirkiness and humour.

I’ve tried to find the best video representation, which wasn’t always easy – I picked the song for itself not the video.


—   I have tried threading a loose theme to tie the list together

climaxing at number 1.  –


(21) Aussie Flag Bikini, —       Mick Thomas

(20) Wide Open Road, —        The Trifids

(19) From St Kelda to Kings Cross, — Paul Kelly.

(18) Great Southern Lan,  —  Icehouse.d

(17) Solid Rock, —      Shane Howard & The Black Arm Band

(16) World Turning, — Yothu Yindi.

(15) Diamantina Drover, — Redgum


My song for today #15 top Aussie songs

Diamantina Drover by Redgum:

When thinking about Redgum most people think of their big hit “Only nineteen”.

But, maybe because my Grandfather was a drover I really like this song and think it is a classic outback, aussie-battler story.

[Unfortunately could not find a good Redgum clip;]

John Williamson – the legend of Aussie Country music, does a fantastic version of this song.



(14) Pub With no Beer, — Slim Dusty.


Top Aussie Songs No.14.

Can’t make a list like this without mentioning Slim Dusty.

Most Aussies love a cold beer, and I’m sure we’ll have a few on Australia Day.

But, what would you do if the pub had no beer?



(13) — Dead Ringer Band

I’d like to tip my hat a wonderful family full of great characters with lots of talent.

Classic aussie country



(12) Toorak Cowboy, —          Skyhooks


#12 Top Aussie songs

Now I move from the Bush and Outback adventures

and visit the City and more specifically the suburbs (where most of us live).


Introducing a Cowboy of a different kind.


The Skyhooks: a favourite band of mine in my youth.

In March 1974.Described as a glam rock band, because of flamboyant costumes and make-up, Skyhooks addressed teenage issues including buying drugs “Carlton (Lygon Street Limbo)”, suburban sex “Balwyn Calling”, the gay scene “Toorak Cowboy” and loss of girlfriends “Somewhere Sydney” by namechecking and peeking into Australian locales.


Toorak Cowboy.




(11)   Wreckless, —                  Australian Crawl

(10) Suburban Boy, —             Dave Warner

(09) Power and Passion, —    Midnight Oil

(08) Say Goodbye,  —            Hunters and Collectors


#08 Top Ausie Songs.

The Hunters legends of the Australian pub rock scene.

So many well loved hit songs –

Songs that fans like to sing along with, usually as raucously as possible.

The band captured and reflected their lives and their surroundings via powerful rock songs.

This song `Say Goodbye`, features the line, “you don’t treat me like a woman anymore”.

The Hunters are an awesome live band that encourages crowd participation, which can be entertaining in itself – seeing & hearing large groups of heavty blokes in jeans and check flannel shirts belt out boldly; “you don’t treat me like a woman anymore”, is bizarrely beautiful.



(07) Streets of your town, —    The Go Betweens

(06) Highway One,         —      The Waifs

(05) Good Light in Broome,

(04) – Pigram Brothers

(03) Yill Yul

(02) Anthem, TIDDAS

(01) Island Home,





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