no direction Home

         The block at the  crossroads


The lights are flashing orange Steve is uncertain whether to speed up and go through or to hesitate and stop.   He thinks it is best to wait and assess the situation.          He has travelled this way many times before and yet at this crossroad he feels confused and senses fear and panic arising. At this point is choices are limited and yet they could all take him where he needs to go eventually.

Keep travelling straight and head along a path well worn, while this dierection is well known to him he is still unsure if it is the right way and what lies at the final destination. He knows what he wants is there somewhere and yet he is not sure where or how far it is because the full journey has never been travelled.


He could turn left, that would be easy and Steve likes to take the easy route.

While it may be a little easier it is not always quicker and there can often be many obstacles or detours along the way.

If he turns right against the traffic having to wait till it is sage to cross with a clear unimpeded flow. This way is sometimes quicker despite having to wait at several intersections, there are less diversions on this route, however the conditions may change during the journey and this will make travelling more stressful.


To the outside observer Steve looks like he is in some kind of trance maybe he is stoned or drunk or something he just seems to be still sitting there looking straight ahead clueless.

He appears to be awake yet he has no signs of life recognisable signs of existence of who he is or where he is.


Steve is abruptly awoken from his day-dream trance

and forced to make some form of decision about which way to go.


Unlike Robert Johnson Steve is not willing to sell his soul to enhance his talents.

He’s not sure if he really believes in the Devil, but often prays to God just to make sure and ask for any guidance or assistance; he hasn’t yet been struck with a thunderbolt giving him instant enlightenment or the answers to his questions – but, no harm in trying, it feels good, & feels like he is at least trying something.


Steve knows he must continue his journey and there is no turning back.

Steve is on a quest, he is searching for something he’s sure he once had and thinks he must have lost it somewhere. He’s not sure when he lost it or where, doubts it will still be there if he goes back to find it. So, he’s hoping to find something similar or create another one, and the search must continue – he just hopes he will recognise it and know what to do when he finds it.


Steve thinks that if he had a clue where he lost it then maybe he’ll know how to find it. There are so many places and / or occasions where it could have been lost.


He wonders if he lost it at Primary school so many years ago. Maybe Mrs Wills took it while saying stupid things. He could have lost it in a tree hiding waiting to be found or was it during the fight on the upper oval?


Maybe it was lost one time in a car parked in the bushes alongside the river.

So many things happened in those bushes near the river, some delightful, some clouded in smoke, some a little dangerous, many times too drunk.

The same beautiful River he loved to explore as a child, go swimming, and fishing.

A place of fantastic times and fond warm memories. Steve did spend a great deal of time visiting The River and it did mark the spot where so much happened, so, maybe it was lost and lies amongst the paper-bark trees near The River.


Steve has spent a great deal of time and energy pondering and searching looking for it or at least getting an idea where it might be found. He feels he has come close several times without winning the prize. He has consulted scientists, doctors, academics, artists, wisemen, gurus, and witches to help him unlock the mystery.

The question still remains and journey continues.


Steve shook himself to full awakeness and realized regardless of his current situation he had to make a decision and move on. He looked up and saw a sign, it wasn’t metaphoric, mystical, or divine it was actual; a sign pointing to The Great Eastern Highway, he figured it might not be as challenging and potentially dangerous as the highway to hell, but, it seemed promising and that is where he headed.Hit the high way and hope he finds his own way.


It’s not always about the destination, it’s the journey and the discoveries found along the way.













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Charlie Mcgoo is who I want to be to you. This blog is for fun, but, not all posts will be funny. I'm currently living in the very Liverable city of melborne. It's a great city with lots of character and unique style. I love Melburne for its vibrant city culture. It is very different from the city of my birth in Peth. I have a passionate interest in politics and journalism. So, I thought I'd try giving some commentry and share my thoughts. I also have an interest in creative writing and fre expression and I want to practice those skills and share them with you too. please feel free to relay any feedback Thanks - best regards
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