a cold beer, good for all occasions

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Ready to go on a journey of discovery – as long as I can have a cold beer along the way.

I have a secret identity

While celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with a lovely pint of Guinness in a popular bustling Irish pub in Melbourne amongst a drunken crowd of Aussies all claiming Irish heritage I realized I lead a double life with a secret identity.
Here I am enjoying a fantastic time with this friendly bunch of strangers united together by our claims of Irishness, good fun and great drinks. The Irish flag I was waving was under the name O’Brien, and people were impressed and welcomed me to the Irish Clan. Most people did not seem my other identity , it felt like it was invisible and maybe just not relevant.

It’s funny how within the confines of a friendly fun pub the only thing that matters is to be part of the crowd, join in and enjoy. A celebration like Saint Patricks Day is wonderfully welcoming and uniting; we are all there for a common purpose. Aussies love a party and will join in any festive occasion with gusto.

They especially like celebrations where beer is the main ingredient, that’s why events like Octoberfest and St Pats Day are so popular and broadly attended.

Aussies love their Chinese food as well as beer, and do appreciate a great Chinese banquet. But, do many Aussies celebrate Chinese New Year?
Probably not, it doesn’t really involve a lot of drinking.
I try to at least acknowledge most years, but I don’t really know much about the Chinese festival or Asian culture at all.

I love Chinese food too, but prefer Vietnamese food and really like Japanese food, but, if I am somewhere that has a full traditional roast on the menu, that is what I’ll have. At least at a pub I know and understand what everything is on the menu. I had an interesting experience a while ago while at a fine Chinese restaurant where everyone was having trouble with the menu and also having trouble being understood by the very pretty Chinese waitress. The waitress at her wits end looked at me with pleading eyes and said; “do you speak Mandarin?”
“no, sorry, I don’t, can’t help”, I replied.
She was trying to get in touch with my secret identity. I’m not sure if that identity speaks Mandarin either, so could not come to our rescue.
I smiled cheekily to the pretty woman as she looked blankly toward me and prompted; “I’ll have a Crown Lager, thanks”.






About charliemcgoo

Charlie Mcgoo is who I want to be to you. This blog is for fun, but, not all posts will be funny. I'm currently living in the very Liverable city of melborne. It's a great city with lots of character and unique style. I love Melburne for its vibrant city culture. It is very different from the city of my birth in Peth. I have a passionate interest in politics and journalism. So, I thought I'd try giving some commentry and share my thoughts. I also have an interest in creative writing and fre expression and I want to practice those skills and share them with you too. please feel free to relay any feedback Thanks - best regards
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