Who listens to the radio

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The Radio: my most important possession

And connection to the World

The pleasures of listening  


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Long before the current constant conductivity that we find ourselves in, and still very much today, the radio has been my companion and connection to the world.


Some time ago I was asked to describe my favorite or most prized possession or household object.

I was listening to a talkback program on the radio the other night. It was fascinating, not so much because of the subject matter or the quality or caliber of the speakers, it was the fact that I was listening to a live interactive program from England in my kitchen.   The English voices coming out of my tiny kitchen radio transported me to a world very different to current surroundings inside my little kitchen, in my small flat in suburban Western Australia. I also enjoyed being transported via the radio-waves to midday in London while I prepared my evening meal in Perth.




The talkback program wasn’t what I had tuned in to listen to, I was wanting to listen to the cricket, the last test match between Australia and England. The talkback was on because it was raining in London, and you cant play cricket in the rain, “it’s just not cricket”. Ironically, it is not unusual to be raining in England in summer here in Perth (WA) it’s winter and we hadn’t seen rain for months.


The BBC commentators were trying to entertain us and fill in time until the rain stopped. They were taking callers from their listening audience for people to share their thoughts on the game and on the series.   The calls came from all over the UK and Australia. And I found this fascinating, people ringing a radio station in Perth to be connected to London, which was then immediately transmitted back to me in Perth. That’s one of the things I love about the radio,


it connects people, in kitchens around the world, people were enjoying partaking in simultaneous stimulating conversation.



I’m devoted to my radio it serves me well. It gives me all the vital information I need, news, sport and weather. It’s informative, entertaining and stimulating.


The radio helps me feel connected to my community, country and the world.



Someone said to me recently excitedly about the wonders and fascination of being able to listen to American radio stations and radio stations around the world live on the Internet.


“Wow that’s great, does sound interesting, but, I’d rather just simply listen to a an actual radio”; I replied.

tranny 1 2017-03-27

As a child I loved the radio, and always had a tranny (transistor radio) nearby to catch the latest hits or find the footy score. Now I have the radio on day and night. I listen to conversations near and a far. I’ve heard cricket games live from England and India. The cricket from India is fantastic and truly absorbing. It’s not only absorbing for the sport, but, mostly for the atmosphere, and the fantastic conversations by the commentators. I’ve never been to India, and don’t think I will ever get there. India has always been such a fascinating mysterious place, a country of such amazing contrasts. During a cricket test match (which can go for five full days) there is a lot of time to describe and share so much more than the game. One aspect of listening to cricket on the radio from India is the fabulous engaging description of this old fashioned English game, one of the gifts from colonization, in this hugely populated country who are all madly obsessed with the game. It’s fun, it’s interesting and it stimulates the imagination allowing listener travel to fascinating places without leaving their own home.

It wasn’t until I started writing this when I fully realised that you don’t need fancy new technologies for entertainment and pleasure, all you need is a radio. I’d be lost without a radio it would have to be my most valuable and prized possession.


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